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How to Make your Eyelashes Longer Naturally – Home Remedies for Thicker Lashes

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How to Make your Eyelashes Longer Naturally – Home Remedies for Thicker Lashes

Why every girl desires to make her lashes appear thicker and longer? Definitely because it gives a nice push to the frame and make of your eye but the more beauty enhancing factor eyelashes are, the more sensitive part it tends to be to use any artificial means of increasing their length. Instead of using such products with possibility of side effects; you can do many other simple, affordable, and easy things to get tick and lengthy lash hair, that are the home made remedies to make your lashes grow naturally long. All of these would be super easy and effective; all you would need is the consistency. Yes you are required to continue using these tips regularly till at least 2 months; don’t worry the homemade remedies and natural tips won’t make any harm to this sensitive organ. So let’s explore How to make your lashes grow longer naturally by a few longer eyelashes tips below.

Longer Eyelashes Tips to grow Long & Thicker Eyelashes Naturaly:

longer eyelashes tips

1.    Vaseline

First and most simple one among the longer eyelashes tips for you is that before you go to bed every night, take pure petroleum jelly or Vaseline and use a cotton swab or mascara brush to apply that onto your lashes. Or you can use petroleum jelly in place of mascara also but for a short time period. Remember! Don’t wear Vaseline on your eyelids all the time leave them alone for some time every day.petroleum-jelly-for-longer-lashes1

tips-n-homemade-remedies-on-how-to-grow-eyelashes-longer (7)

2.    Castor Oil

Another amazingly effective remedy or tip is to use castor oil which would keep your lashes moisturized and would make them grow lengthier and stronger. Similar to what you did with petroleum jelly, take your mascara brush or cotton swab, dip it into pure organic castor oil and apply it onto the eyelashes before going to sleep at night. If you want to avoid mess, use the brush for its application.Bottle of Oil

The best way to use this with ease regularly is to put some castor oil in an empty mascara container or bottle with a brush and it would be very quick for you to apply that to your lashes daily at night. Continue using it at least for 2 months, the results would be quiet visible!Castor-Oil-Eyelashes-2

3.    Olive Oil / Coconut / Jojoba Oil

Olive oil is a good ingredient to help lashes grow and to keep them moisturized so you can apply 2-4 drops of it over them using similar way you did for castor oil.

A mix of olive and castor oil would also affect good, so you can also use olive with castor oil as a serum.mix-of-olive-and-castor-oil-for-longer-lashes

You might also make your lash care routine with coconut Oil as it is also very good for lengthening eyelashes.coconut-oil-for-longer-eyelashes (2)


2 to 4 drops of Jojoba Oil can also be applied to nourish them in place of above to natural oils.jojoba-oil-for-lashes

tips-n-homemade-remedies-on-how-to-grow-eyelashes-longer (4)

4.    Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an all rounder! This wonder ingredient is a part of 90% homemade remedies for hair and skin related issues and so is here. You can squeeze a plant or get the gel of aloe from any drugstore and simply apply the gel carefully onto the lashes; this would make them grow longer, softer and thicker. Don’t let it get into your eyes, be very careful! aloe-vera-gel-for-longer-lashes

You can apply it as a substitute of oils in summer, onto your lashes to make them grow longer.

5.    Green tea

The use of green tea is very good for the health of eyelashes by either internal use or external use which means that drinking green tea is also a good habit if you want a length in you lash hair. More over add the leaves of green tea into warm water and then apply that water onto the lash hair. You can also keep a tea bag over your eyelids.Green-Tea-for-longer-lashes

6.    Vitamin E

Thicken you lash hair with the use of Vitamin–E! Yes vitamin E works as a remedy for thicker eyelashes too; just break feed your lashes with it by breaking a few capsules of vitamin-E!  

7.     Removing Makeup and Massaging Eyelids

Final Tips for you are to remove makeup every night properly to give you lashes a break from the cosmetics.


And massage your eyelids often to increase the blood circulation and lash hair growth.


tips-n-homemade-remedies-on-how-to-grow-eyelashes-longer (14)

We hope these tips and remedies would really help you grow your eyelashes longer and thicker naturally with ease and affordability. Let us know your opinions in the comment box down below and do visit us more often for more Beauty and Skin Care Tips.

tips-n-homemade-remedies-on-how-to-grow-eyelashes-longer (9)

tips-n-homemade-remedies-on-how-to-grow-eyelashes-longer (3)

Following these simple longer eyelashes tips will help you have long lashes naturally.

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