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How to Remove Makeup Properly – Tips to remove makeup correctly

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How to Remove Makeup Properly – Tips to remove makeup correctly

Do you know what damages your skin more than anything else? Going to bed with layers of cosmetics on! These layers in nights cause congested skin which then throw loads of breakouts, acne, fine lines and darkness around the eyes. These few many others are the side effects of keeping the cosmetics on in the night and yes an additional one is that your pillows would suffer. Well, apart from the jokes, this can cause serious skin allergies and so every beautician and dermatologist highly recommends removing makeup when it’s no longer needed to stay on the skin. Many of us think that rinsing off makes the makeup wiped away, or merely rubbing clean would help. This is not true but only a myth! Here we have some steps to make you at ease while removing the layers of cosmetics; so girls, let’s get on the tutorial about how to remove makeup, featured with easy makeup removing tips.

Makeup Removing Tips – How to Remove Makeup Step by Step Tutorial:

Let’s list out the things you’ll need to remove makeup correctly:

  1. A pack of cotton swabs or tissue papers
  2. A washcloth or sponge
  3. Eye makeup remover
  4. Oil or oil based cleanser
  5. Vaseline/ Petroleum jelly

Firstly note that it’s totally up to you whether to start the removing makeup from lips or from eyes. If you have highly pigmented lips, you should start from first removing the lip color because if you leave it for end the pigment might get messed up on all over the face and around the lips. Otherwise you can start from the eyes first.

makeup removing tips

Here we are starting the steps taking the removing makeup of eye first considering that the lips are not so immensely pigmented.

1.      Removing Eye Makeup:

  • Grab a Cotton swab soaked in a high quality product of eye makeup (3)
  • Close your eye and Hold this cotton gently against your eyelid for a few seconds and move the pad downwards to softly wipe off the eye shadow.
    how-to-remove-eye-makeup-properly (4)how-to-remove-eye-makeup-properly (2)
  • Remember don’t get to harsh or forceful with this sensitive area of face and be patient; surely doing it once wont clean the shade completely, you need to repeat it multiple times.
  • Gently move the clean side of this cotton swab under lower lashes (13)
  • To clean waterproof makeup, liner, and mascara, you should use any good quality oil-based cleanser.
  • Give it time to dissolve the makeup keeping the tissue or cotton with the cleanser on the lashes with slight pressure. Don’t try pulling or rubbing the lashes so (3) how-to-remove-mascara-and-liner-properly (4)how-to-remove-mascara-and-liner-properly (1)
  • Moreover to get rid of little mascara lumps on your lashes take a very clean mascara brush and run it through the (2)
  • Note that you can also use any oil in place of remover but defiantly it would take more time.

2.      Wiping off Foundation and blush:

  • Simply going into shower or washing the face directly with water never wipes off the layers of cosmetics, so for this step, take your regular cleanser or the oil based cleanser
  • And apply it on all over your face using a massaging movement rather than rough rubbing (for at least 45 seconds)
    how-to-remove-foundation-and-blush-makeup-properly (6)
  • Coconut oil is also good for working through removal of foundation and blush. You can use it as a substitute  of cleanserhow-to-remove-foundation-and-blush-makeup-properly (2)
  • Then after massaging on face, take a wet sponge or whatever you find handy, and clean the base makeup with it.
    how-to-remove-foundation-and-blush-makeup-properly (7)

3.      Lipstick or lip color removal:

  • It’s now time to grab the Vaseline or petroleum jelly! Take a generous amount of in to your finger and apply on the lips and let it stay for at least 5 minutes over the lips.
    how-to-remove-lipstick-properly (2)
  • Coconut oil can also be used in place of petroleum. We are using oils and Vaseline because these liquefy the lipsticks while water is repelled by the lip colors.
  • After giving it some time to stay, use your cotton pad or washcloth to apply little pressure on the lips and then removing the lipstick in a circular movement within the area of your lips. Don’t let it mess up the skin around the lips!how-to-remove-lipstick-properly (1)
  • if you still see some color on lips, repeat the process with a clean cotton pad but go gentle with your lips.

After you’re done with removing the makeup like this, wash your face with water to clean the (12)

Exfoliate your lips using a toothbrush or

And then use a moisturizer for your face if needed, moisturize your lips as well. Find more tips and tutorials at StyleGroom Beauty Tips!how-to-remove-makeup-properly (23)

how-to-remove-makeup-properly (24)

how-to-remove-makeup-properly (16)

Hope these makeup removing tips will be helpful for you whenever needed. Follow these simple makeup removing tips and remove layers of cosmetics from your face within minutes.

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