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How to Shape/Pluck your Eyebrows Perfectly by Yourself? – Tutorial

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How to Shape/Pluck your Eyebrows Perfectly by Yourself? – Tutorial

Very often you look into mirror and feel like you need to rush to the salon before you eyebrows grow rougher. This part of our face is very essential to be neat with as neatly shaped eyebrows we get our eye more accentuated and temples more defined. Brows grow and you need not to throw your money over something that you can do by yourself at home. Though every stylist and styling platform has its very own way and procedures of shaping eyebrows but we here will take you through a very simple beginner level tutorial on how to shape/pluck your brows perfectly. So just grab simple tools that include, tweezers or thread, mascara brush, a liner pencil that matches your hair color, and a lighter color liner pencil for outlining of the natural form; and start with us so that you don’t have to wait for a beautician to settle up your rough look anymore. We have come up with an easy shaping eyebrows tutorial to help you pluck your eyebrows perfectly by yourself at home.

Shaping Eyebrows Tutorial – How to Pluck Eyebrows Perfectly Step by Step Picture Guide:

There are mainly six steps for shaping eyebrows that are demonstrated in detailed form in the shaping eyebrows tutorial below so let’s make things work for your very own natural brow shape by following the step by step guide below!

1. Determine the shape

Never ignore the most imperative factor of face shape while shaping or reshaping the eye-brow! Imagine an oval or long face with high arched thin plucked eyebrows, won’t that look like a witch that used to fly on a broom in our childhood cartoons? No offenses there, we aren’t meant to mock! This means only to make you know how important is to consider the face make and which style of brow would suit on that make. So match up your face with the following instruction before you begin.

  • As the long and oval faces are already long so arched and thin brows would form a frown expression all the time that’s why a flat and straight brow style in a little thick hair density would suit those faces.
  • on the other hand the face with kind of bony and geometric shapes, stylist prefer soft and curved eyebrows just to soften the angular effect in their look.
  • While on round faces curved and arched like plucked eyebrows go perfect.eyebrow shapes for different faces different eyebrow shapes

2. Trim off firstly to make natural shape visible

Now that you know the basic frame in which your face fits and to which your eye-brow make must appear accordingly; it’s time to actually start the procedure.

  • So grab your mascara brush and Brush your Eyebrow’s hair upwards so that you can see the long hair out of the brow area.shaping eyebrows tutorial
  • And with the help of Scissors slightly trim off any excess hair that sit above the brow after you brush upwards. (see the images below for more guidance)

step2(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) (1)step2(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) (3)

3.   Map the Eyebrows

Now that the natural brow is somewhat visible, so you must start mapping your brows. Mapping has actually 3 sub steps to work with, get a liner pencil and start these with instructions below!

  • Firstly, hold the pencil vertically from your nostril to the start of your eye, and mark this point on your eyebrow with the help of lighter color liner pencil. this would be the start of your brow.step3-1(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) (1) step3-1(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) (1) step3-1(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) (2)
  • Next, hold that pencil diagonally from your nostril to parallel to the centre of your eye and through the brow. Mark this point too, this would be highest or peak point of the eyebrow.step3-2(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) step3-2(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly)
  • Now, you need to hold the pencil diagonally again from the nostril but this time it should approach the eyebrow being parallel to the ending point of your eye through the natural end of eyebrow. And mark this last point, the end of the eyebrow.step3-3(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) step3-3(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly)

4. Outline the brows

After you have done with mapping out the start peak and end points of the brow, you might need a more instructive outline, so take up the pencil and draw a boundary or outline of the natural shape or brows in accordance with the points mapped out.step4(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly)

5. Pluck off the excess hair

Now that the brow shape is well proposed, take up the tweezers or thread and Start plucking the hair that sit out of the boundary you have drawn. Try to give it a steady hand and use a tool with which you are more at ease with.step5(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) (2)step5(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) (1) final-look-How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly-step-by-step-tutorial (2)

6. Tint the Eyebrows

And you’re almost done with shaping of plucking the perfect eyebrows at your own! Just finish it up with final touch up that would define the shape and accentuate your features a little bit more neatly. So clean up the messy boundaries and points you drew and grab a liner pencil or any shade that matches your hair tone. Now on your neat shape, add the color, tint them and make your brows look fuller.step6(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) (3)step6(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) (2)

Note that you can also use stencil to draw boundary for the brow and then move to step 5 and 6.


We hope you enjoyed whittling your feature with us! Stopover at StyleGroom again and find more of such informative styling tutorials.




final-look-How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly-step-by-step-tutorial (3)

final-look-How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly (1)


final-look-How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly-step-by-step-tutorial (5) final-look-How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly-step-by-step-tutorial (4) final-look-How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly-step-by-step-tutorial (2) final-look-How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly-step-by-step-tutorial (1) final-look-How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly-step-by-step-tutorial (1)

step6(How-to-shap-your-eyebrows-perfectly) (1)

This was a simple shaping eyebrows tutorial for beginners for getting perfect eyebrow shape at home.

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