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Gul Ahmed Fall Winter Collection 2016-2017 Catalogue With Prices

Winter Fashion

Gul Ahmed Fall Winter Collection 2016-2017 Catalogue With Prices

Having a wardrobe full of dresses, still running short of them is the main problem every girl faces at the start of every season. This problem doesn’t only keep her uncomfortable but also gives her sleepless nights. To tackle this problem, brands have always been there introducing new and new designs throughout the year at the start and mid of every season so there is always a large room of choices for such conscious ladies to keep their closets full. We have chosen to explore here the next most awaited collection of the season by none other than Gul Ahmed, The Gul Ahmed Winter Collection.

This is the start of most charming season of the year, which has provoked the ladies to rush towards the bazars making selection of their winter dresses for the entire season. All the brands have just put forward their new volumes for the upcoming season with a plenty of designs and prints inspiring and confusing the public about selection, for when there are large number of choices, the factor of confusion is obvious.

Gul Ahmed being founded in 1953 is a brand which doesn’t need any kind of introduction to those who are well aware of the fashion trends and trendsetters of the fashion market in Pakistan. Being famous for designing best quality fabrics for all seasons, Gul Ahmed has now become one of the most popular and highly rated fashion brands of the country. This makes it stand at the front edge when best designs and collections are considered. People of modern age are found too much conscious about their dressing and especially the brand that they go for, and Gul Ahmed comes in the list of most favourite fashion brands of people. Let us bring the Gul Ahmed New Fall Collection to limelight.

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2016-2017 Look-Book With Prices:

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2016-2017 has been launched and is available for sale nationwide. This wonderful collection with its beautiful winter classics is offering very inspiring designs of three piece winter suits in a variety of stuffs which are suitable for winter. You will see a very pretty and versatile range of colors in this range of dresses. So if you love wearing eye catching colors then consider this assortment before selecting any dress for the season.

Gul Ahmed Winter Catalog 2016-2017 has been explored completely in the following photo gallery making each and every design clear to you with its description and price, so you may find it easy to select any of these. The Gul Ahmed New winter arrivals are spectacular and will surely attract you by their unbeatable charisma and fascination. So have a look and raid to their stores for getting these classy wearable.

Purple Embroidered Pashmina Woollen P-61

Purple is among the trendy colors of fall ’16, so this article of the Gul Ahmed Winter Series will surely be catching your eyes and every one else’s. Be the first one to grab it and shine the most brightest this season in Gul Ahmed Royal outfit.

Gul Ahmed Winter 2016-2017 Designs

5,500/- PKR

Brown Embroidered Pashmina Woollen P-62

Brown is again a trendy color and especially when it comes in stuff like linen, it can add more glamour and style to the outfit. This brown linen winter suit by Gul Ahmed is a good option for ladies who love brown.

Gul Ahmed Pashmina Dress in brown color

5,500/- PKR


Grey Embroidered Pashmina Woollen P-65

This printed linen shirt with embroidered neckline has a multi colored print all over it with black and white finishing on borders. The stuff used is Woollen Pashmina.

Pashmina wollen suit by Gul Ahmed

5,500/- PKR

Navy Embroidered Pashmina Woollen P-74

This navy colored embroidered Pashmina suit by Gul Ahmed is a classy attire for fashion forward girls.

embroidered winter navy blue suit by Gul Ahmed

5,500/- PKR

White Digital Print Linen Single Shirt SDV-07 A

Be it summer or winter, digital prints are the most common and most wanted patterns of the year. This fall season will bring a variety of digital prints by noted brands of the country. The digital printed winter series by Gul Ahmed is the one of its own kind. This article of the Digital Winter Prints is a very dazzling one with multi colored print all over the shirt having white base.

Gul Ahmed colorful Digital printed suit

1,500/- PKR

Blue Digital Print Linen Single Shirt SDV-09 A

This blue white winter pattern for girls is a magical item to add magic to your closet.

Gul Ahmed printed singal shirt

1,500/- PKR

Green Embroidered Silk Merino Woolen SW-17

Green is the trendiest color seen this summer. So be ready to find it the most in winter collections as well. This fresh green colored three piece winter suit is the one overloaded with allure and charisma.

Gul Ahmed Green Silk Merino outfit

6000/- PKR

Teal Embroidered Silk Merino Woolen SW-18

A very graceful article of the series is right below in teal shade of green. Get it today in only six thousand rupees and be the lady with grace.

silk merino suit in teal color by Gul Ahmed

6000/- PKR

Cream Embroidered Silk Merino Woolen SW-23

For women who are in love with graceful colors. This cream colored dress with fresh floral print is a good choice offered by Gul Ahmed in its Silk Merino Series.

cream silk merino dress

6000/- PKR

Pink Embroidered Silk Merino Woollen SW-24

A collection is incomplete if does not contain any shade of pink. That’s the reason why all designers and brand keep this very favourite color of girls into consideration while designing every seasonal or festive collection. Here is the pink colored outfit by Gul Ahmed for pink lovers.

pink winter merina suit by Gul AHMED

6000/- PKR

Black Embroidered Silk Merino Woollen SW-26

Silk Merino looks classy in black. Following is the multi colored print of black base silk merino outfit for winters.

multi colored printed black marina suit for winter

6000/- PKR

Green Embroidered Silk Merino Woollen SW-27

Here is another fresh floral pattern of black silk merino.

gul ahmed winter dresses 2017

6000/- PKR

Purple Printed Linen V-05 A

Printed linen is a very soothing fabric appropriate for those who prefer wearing comfortable dresses. This print of linen in purple is right choice for those.

purple winter dress by Gul Ahmed

3,200/- PKR

Blue Embroidered Silk Velvet VL-41

This royal blue silk velvet dress with sleek and intricate embroidery on neckline is a also a worth having article for fall season.

royal blue winter dress with embroidered neckline

7000/- PKR

Grey Embroidered Silk Velvet VL-42

Here is another classy contrast of grey and green in silk velvet stuff.

grey and green embroiderd winter dress

7000/- PKR

Maroon Embroidered Silk Velvet VL-46

This maroon colored outfit complemented in silk velvet stuff is holding a royal essence.

Gul Ahmed maroon dress with ferzoi contrast

7000/- PKR

Maroon Embroidered Silk Velvet VL-47

Another design of maroon silk velvet embroidered winter outfit is right below.

maroon winter dress by Gul Ahmed

7000/- PKR

Black Embroidered Silk Velvet VL-48

The contrast of black and red has always been loved. This contrast in silk velvet has a charming pattern on front panel at daman.

red and black winter dress 2016-2017 by Gul Ahmed

7000/- PKR

Magenta Embroidered Silk Velvet VL-49

Magenta is again a unique color and when it comes in silk velvet stuff, it adds a magic to the outfit it belongs to.

silk velvet embroidered dress 2016-2017 design

7000/- PKR

Lilac Embroidered Silk Velvet VL-54

Lilac is a cute shade of purple. This light purple floral printed outfit is perfect for those who are searching for light colors this winter.

floral printed purple winter suit by Gul Ahmed

7000/- PKR

This was all about the Gul Ahmed Winter Arrivals. Let us know about your views on this stunning winter assortment The Gul Ahmed Winter Collection ’16 by Pakistan’s leading clothing brand. For buying any of these dresses you may shop online from the Gul Ahmed Online store or any Gul Ahmed Outlet near your town. Your feedback is highly appreciated, so feel free to drop your comment right below in the comment box. Keep visiting Stylegroom Winter Fashion Gallery for more winter wear stuff and dresses. Have a Happy Winter Lovelies!

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